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    Help a Woman, Help the Planet!
    May 19, 2014

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    A renewable source of light is a miracle for women whose productive hours have always been controlled by sunrise and sunset. With a bottle of light in hand she is safe, and able to fill her evenings with work, study and family. She is no longer in the dark.

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  • Clinton Foundation

    Why Education Matters

    May 9, 2014

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    The kidnapping of over 300 teenage girls at Chibok Government Girls Secondary School in Nigeria has captivated attention and headlines across the world, inspiring outrage, compassion, and calls to action. The girls were taken by Boko Haram, whose very name declares that education is sinful. 

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  • Round Earth

    Next Generation Journalism
    May 11, 2014

    In our increasingly interconnected world, reliable news and information is more important than ever before.

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  • The New York Times

    What's So Scary About Smart Girls?

    May 10, 2014

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    WHEN terrorists in Nigeria organized a secret attack last month, they didn't target an army barracks, a police department or a drone base. No, Boko Haram militants attacked what is even scarier to a fanatic: a girls' school.

    That's what extremists do. They target educated girls, their worst nightmare.

    That's why the Pakistani Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai in the head at age 15. That's why the Afghan Taliban throws acid on the faces of girls who dare to seek an education.

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Nepal - The Story of TEWA
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TEWA is the preeminent women’s non-governmental
organization in Nepal. It raises funds inside Nepal and elsewhere to support
national and grassroots women’s empowerment programs that fight effectively for
economic opportunity, social justice, peace and gender equality.
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Expand Your Knowledge Of Global Women's Issues


Global Horizons for Women includes multiple ways that we women can engage in this effort, depending on our interests.  We’ve aggregated information on some of the most effective NGOs working with women, resources for learning about issues and solutions, ways to engage including opportunities for contributions, investment, advocacy with Congress and U.S. foreign aid and trade agencies and pro bono consulting/volunteering.  We will also include travel options, relevant conferences, presentation materials for spreading awareness, networking and social media connections, comments and photos from women who have been involved in such activities and an on-line book club. 

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One of the best resources for learning about women's issues in the developing world is the


ICRW's mission is to empower women, advance gender equality and fight poverty in the developing world. To accomplish this, ICRW works with partners to conduct empirical research, build capacity and advocate for evidence-based, practical ways to change policies and programs.

ICRW is a global research institute with headquarters in Washington, D.C., and regional offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and New Delhi, India. We work in 30 countries with nearly 120 partners.  Our research evidence identifies women’s contributions as well as the obstacles that prevent them from being economically strong and able to fully participate in society. ICRW translates these insights into a path of action that honors women’s human rights, ensures gender equality and creates the conditions in which all women can thrive.

ICRW comprises social scientists, economists, public health specialists and demographers, all of whom are experts in gender relations. We are thought leaders driven by a passion to alleviate poverty and rectify injustice in the world. And we believe that women and girls – in collaboration with men and boys – are essential to the solutions. We know that when their quality of life improves, families are healthier and economies are stronger. - a full list of areas of research - research publications on multiple topics re women - what you can do  - map and a searchable database

President:  Sarah Degnan Kambou

1120 20th St NW, Suite 500 North, Washington, D.C. 20036

Tel: 202.797.0007
Fax: 202.797.0020
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Country Profiles – U.S. State Department

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Another source for background on countries

Cross Cultural Information – National Peace Corps Association

Peace Corps Cultural Training Workbook

Peace Corps Diversity & Cross Cultural Issues by Country




If you are interested in keeping up with microfinance professional news a good resource is MicroCapital Monitor: